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We produce, transform and purify digital creations for visual impact.

We are a company of creative and passionate people who have gathered in the Tar Valley. In the Tar Valley we work to create impact on people through innovative digital creations. We support people and organizations by supplying them with creations which provide meaning and value.

At Tar Valley we produce, transform and purify new digital value for organizations and people. We aid and support clients and their users to make use of the value we create. The creations which come out of the Tar Valley can take the form om services, products and experiences and we always aim to make an impact on people, organizations and society as a whole. Tar Valley consists of people, which throughout our processes work with the people, for the people. Our point of entry is to ensure that what we produce is comprehensible and valuable, almost seen as magic but seen as a solid work of passionate labor. 

3D Modelling and Visualization

We work with the premium industry tools to model and visualize graphics and visualizations for services, games, movies, advertisement and movies for all kinds of scales.

3D Animation

We do high quaility animation for your project according to your needs. Whether it is to be used in films, movies, games or anything else - we can make the visual move great.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is growing exponentially and we have been working with Augmented Reality since its inception - from games to visual communication and information services.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology. We are working with professional projects to create valuable products, services and use cases with Virtual and Mixed Reality.





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