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Our purpose, origins, pathway and us

Why We Exist

We exist to make sustainable impact and change in the 3D industry and society that we live and engage in.

Tar Valley is located in the community of Skellefteå, an audacious city located in the northern part of Sweden. Located closely to the polar circle, it is one of Sweden's premier educations for aspiring 3D artists as well as game programmers.

For hundreds of years our forests provided us with great amount of value showing us the importance of local resources to create wellbeing. In the Tar Valley today we focus on making use of our many other local resources among people, our environment and the digital economy to help us create value and wellbeing.


At the moment, Tar Valley is located at The Great Northern in the city of Skellefteå in the northern part of Sweden. The extraordinary people in Tar Valley together form a company who collaboratively engage to create vivid crafts with 3D. Inhabitants of Tar Valley engage with their surroundings - the local community of people in Skellefteå who work with creative, digital and innovative crafts, products and services. In the Tar Valley we acknowledge that we are a part of the whole which creates a powerful force of direction in our field of work and craft. We want to create a space for Skellefteå and Norrland to be at the pioneering edge within 3D graphics, VFX, AR, MR and VR capacities - would you like to join our community?





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